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Dryer Repair

Do you have a problem with your dryer overheating? When this happens, your clothes may smell burnt when you remove them from the dryer. Or, does your dryer not get hot enough? If this is the case, your clothes may still be wet when you take them out of the dryer. You may be ready to locate your dryer repair manual and tool box in order to investigate the issue on your own. But, DIY dryer repairs can end up making issues worse or causing new problems if you aren’t fully aware of the dryer’s internal mechanisms. So, put away your tool box and call the dryer repair experts at Appliances Service. We’ll prevent you from becoming frustrated and impatient while attempting to fix your washing machine or dryer on your own. We can also save you money. Our rates are regularly less than other Miami dryer repair businesses. Call us today!

Regardless of the dryer issue you’re having, Marvel Appliances Service is ready to help you out. We are able to fix both electric dryers and gas ones. We can also repair all sorts of models and makes. When you need ge appliance repair, Kenmore dryer repair, or Maytag dryer repair, you can put your trust in us. We understand what makes your unit unique. And, we can solve your specific dryer problem. We have seven years of field service experience. Due to our experience, we can accurately and swiftly diagnose your dryer’s issues. And, we know how to make the necessary repairs to it. During our work, we often repair or replace:

• Drum belts
• Motors
• Thermostats
• Heating elements
• Door gaskets
• Door switches
• Electronic ignitions
• Timers
• Drum Bearings

No washing machine or dryer repair problem is too hard for our knowledgeable and trained team of technicians. Besides solving complicated appliance issues, we’re more than happy to tackle minor ones as well. Our definitive goal is to fix your appliance problem in less time than our rivals in the Miami area. And, we want to do so without charging you exorbitantly for our expert dryer repair service. You can put your trust in our licensed, insured, and bonded repairmen regardless of what type of electric or gas dryer need you have.

Commercial Dryer Repair
If a dryer breaks down at home, you simply must hang your clothes up to dry on their own. However, when a commercial dryer malfunctions, the issue is much more serious. If you must wait for someone to visit your business in order to fix your dryer, your daily routine will be slowed down, you will lose crucial revenue, and your customers may go to a competitor in order to get their needs met. If you own a business in the Miami vicinity, feel free to call Appliances Service when you require Kenmore dryer repair, Maytag dryer repair, or repairs on other brands of commercial models. We repair dryers quickly. And, we do the job right the first time around. As a protection to your business, we also provide a 90-day guarantee on both labor and parts. Contact us today to discover more about the things  Appliances Service can do for you.